Monday, July 1, 2013

Bee's Knees: Wknd Recap

This weekend was the opposite of what we've been doing (traveling like busy bees to Denver and Duluth).

Friday night we had a little date night. More on that this Friday...:)

Saturday morning we woke up and I went for my first run since my half marathon.  Granted I only ran about three miles, but I felt refreshed and well rested (which I should have after taking a week off).  I made my sausage breakfast casserole and we bopped around the apartment.

When I asked Ben what he wanted to do, he jokingly said "go to Home Depot" to get supplies to make kegarator cleaning tool for his hose lines.  Little did he realize, Home Depot was on my agenda as well.  A few hours and a few more than one stops later, we returned home.

Now that we'll be in town for a while, I finally took the time to get some plants (now it'll solely be my fault if they die verses being gone for a weekend).  We go through so much basil (with recipes like pesto stuffed shells and green ivy quinoa wraps), that this summer I decided we needed not one, but two basil plants.
Mint is needed for primarily for mojitos. I won't lie.  Plus, it smells good on the deck.  It's incredible how quickly this stuff grows.  The plant has nearly doubled in size since Saturday!
My missing edible plant is cilantro. I've become a huge fan in the past year (mainly because of making my own salsa but most recently with my chimichurri).  We visited two Home Depots looking for some and none was to be found. I'll be hitting up the farmer's market this week hoping to find a plant.

For my flowers, I went super easy.  I currently don't have a green thumb.  Last summer my mom, who does have a wonderfully green thumb, made me some gorgeous planters. Proving their resilience, and shocking me, the hostas from the planters reappeared this summer.  Saturday I picked up some begonias to add some color.
Saturday night we took advantage of the nice weather and had some friends over for beers, brats and bags.  The pups enjoyed being outside as well.
My mother in law was in town over the weekend helping my sister in law prepare for an upcoming baby shower. Sunday morning we met them for breakfast at one one of our favorites, Bakin and Eggs. It never disappoints!  It's hard to believe how big our nephew is getting now that he's approaching 5 months.  The little man was smiling and laughing up a storm!
Sunday errands are inevitable.  But I still found time to relax at the nearby coffee shop, Heritage Bicycle General Store.  Their thai iced coffee is the best and the people spot out front is perfect for relaxing.
We concluded the weekend with Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher, which was surprisingly good, that is until half way through the movie when our DVD reset itself.  Apparently we got a dud!  No fear, Redbox was around the corner to run and grab a new one to finish the viewing. 
What goes better with movies than cookies?  When Ben said cookies sounded good, I hightailed it to the kitchen. This recipe turned out delicious (except that I couldn't wait to chill the dough for an hour. They went immediately into the oven after mixing up). The bee's knees I tell ya.

That's that. A low-key, much needed relaxing weekend; just in time to gear up for the Fourth! How was your weekend?  Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.

PS-I apologize for missing pictures in some of the posts I linked too. I'm still trying to fix the blog crash I had!

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