Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rodrigo y Gabriela

If you follow me on Instagram than you know that last night we had concert tickets. Ben is always looking for new music and about a year ago some of the tunes he had on caught my ear; Rodrigo y Gabriela.  They're a Mexican duo who originally started off in Mexico (duh) in some type of rock band.  When that failed they moved to Dublin (which having visited there holds a sweet spot in my heart), where they were discovered.
We met at Monk's Pub for a few good beers before the show.  (and by good I mean great. Try Cuvee de Jacobins if you have not already).
The show was amazing. It's incredible that all of this comes from just two people and two acoustic guitars. To watch their hands move and the sounds they create; it's memorizing.
I attempted to share some videos with you; but apparently Blogger does not realize how important the sound is. Instead I'll have to share this video link with you and hope you have the common sense to go check it out.

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