Friday, July 26, 2013

Dogs in Cars

I tried cleaning up my phone's photos (over 1,400) and videos (over 20) in preparation for the trip. While doing so I realized that I have a crap ton of recent pictures of car pictures. In honor of the 35+ hours I'll spend in our car over the next several days, sadly without our bulldog friends (Huey will be going to another volunteer and Osc is going to his doggy-grandparents), I present to you:
Dogs in Cars
Oscar loves to act as co-pilot. It's fine when you're driving, minus his yawns, but when you're the passenger and you have 65 pounds of lovin in your lap, it's bound to leave some bruises.
I'd much rather peer into the backseat and see some of this adorable cuteness going on. It's funny, Oscar doesn't really interact with Huey in our apartment. The boys go on walks together just fine but they never really play. However, put Oscar in the car for more than 10 minutes with Huey and snuggles are bound to occur. Sometimes it gets awkward. We don't ask questions.

Sometimes, even when they're not sitting together, Oscar and Huey resemble each other.
Citing #1: Chin rest
Citing #2: Cock Head? Check. Tongue Out? Check
And how can we forget sweet Betty? She's now in her forever home, but she'll be forever in my heart.
I have to tell you a secret...I have asked Ben several times to consider adopting Huey...several times he's shut me down. (It's okay, I have to remember our golden rule: the more dogs we adopt out, the more lives we can impact).
But seriously? Look at this face!
No matter what dogs come and go, this face will always belong to my heart.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. This post brought a smile to my day... thanks for sharing the cuteness!


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