Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick Deal

I'm recovering from yesterday's adventures in snowboarding. If you follow me on instagram (@justcallmehaha), you had a chance to see what I was up to. There was practically no traffic due to the Bronco's game and there was fresh snow (in the mountain, not Denver) galore! 

Now I finally get why people get excited for fresh powder; it's SO much easier!

Of course, I'm still a beginner so my neck is a bit stiff from some falls, but I'm really improving. I even went down the bunny hill without any spills. Go me!

Between the mountains Sunday, and a run outside Saturday (only my second outdoor run since the move), I feel more like myself and more active...

...which is good considering Saturday night we went to Bull and Bush Brewery for dinner. When we came out in Summer 2011, our friends brought us here for dinner. It was my first brewery of Denver. It now seemed kind of surreal that two and a half years later, we're out to dinner that. Since I was starving, I succumbed to the burger of the month: bacon cheese burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.
Here's a quadruple deal to shop: Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy have 35% off online purchase today with code NEWSTYLE and Piperlime is joining in the fun for 25% off purchases. Plus save an extra 30% on Piperlime sale items with code HAPPY. Don't forget ebates for another 7% back!

Don't understand ebates? Read here.

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  1. I really want to learn to snowboard. Glad to know it is possible. That burger is beyond amazing looking! Grilled cheese for buns?! Wow!


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