Monday, August 29, 2011

Deals and Steals - 8/29

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  At the apt, both our desktop computer and our laptop are dead right now (luckily my FIL in a computer whiz and is trying to "revive" them for us), and it's annoying to check email on the ipad (not to mention that H stupidly took his Kindle with him to happy hour after work Friday and (surprise surprise, lost/left it somewhere.  Now he's using the Kindle ipad app to read, thus hogging the ipad; so my internet usage at home is very limited for the time being), so I was greeted at work with my emails (yes, I still have my maiden name email and now my married name.  I had planned on deleting the maiden name, but it's been easier just to keep it and have my "junk"/sale emails sent there) stuff with offers.  Unfortunately, nothing too exciting, but here are some of the deals I did find attractive:
  • Loft: 40% off tees and tanks; in store and online <I may need to go for a walk on lunch to my nearest Loft :O)
  • Banana Republic: online only: 30% off entire purchase today with code: BRSAVE (make it 35% off if you use a Gap/BR/ON card)
  • 20% off Ulta coupon good through Saturday, 9/3; good for use in store or online
  • ***Updated:  Free beauty sample bag from Target (I got this last year and it was pretty decent; samples of different items)
  • Walgreens: 40% off all prints, all sizes, thruogh Wed, 8/31, code: MAKEPRINTS. (Perfect timing for a craft I'm working on for part of the wedding gift we're giving this weekend! Post-wedding I'll share)
That's about it; I'll update if anything else pops in that's good!

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