Friday, September 27, 2013

Bridal Bliss

Last weekend was a whirlwind of fun in Indianapolis for my high school friend, MT's bridal shower and bachelorette.  There are seven of us bridesmaids that collaborated to through the shower. We planned the majority of the shower via emails. Despite not having met four of them in advance, I felt like I already knew two of the girls because of social media.  The shower went off without a hitch and was a blast.
The theme for the shower was the bride's favorite foods.  Some items were made (I made puppy chose) and some were catered, but everything was delicious! 
The punch included lemonade concentrate, sherbet, and champagne. The original recipe also called for vodka, but given that we had bachelorette festivities ahead of us that night, we nixed that. 

You know that I love fruit in my salad. All summer I've paired bleu cheese with my spinach and strawberries but this salad used feta (and a poppyseed dressing) instead, which was light and yummy!
Holy motherload! I love homemade mac 'n cheese, but this, this was the creamiest, cheesiest mac I've ever tried and man was it good! (I've already requested the recipe to share with you!)
Chicken fingers were catered and good; I mean, it's hard to mess them up, right?

Mashed Potato Bar = genius. So easy, so filling and so good. It can do no wrong.
The cookies were purchased from Taylor's Bakery and were the perfectly soft and sweet.
The puppy chow I made was a huge hit. It's one of those foods that brings a sense of nostalgia to us high school friends. Every year we had a baked good fundraiser which consisted of making batches upon batches of chow to sell.
If I had a dollar for every time MT said "all of my favorite things!", I would probably be at least $50 richer.  She even went as far as too say that if she were ever on deathrow, this would be the exact meal she'd request. I'd say that means success?
And even though these were MT's favorite things, I found them quite delicious!
{Paper items from Birthday Direct}
We decided against games for the shower; but instead we had a list of questions one of the girls had asked the groom and before every gift opened, MT had to answer a question. We all made bets on how many of the 14 she'd get right. There were a few "half-points" given, but she did really well and got 12 right.
Is that not the most adorable engagement picture?
One of the best parts of the weekend is that the three of us hometown girls got to spend quality time together and rekindle our friendship.
After the shower we scooted home to relax until it was time for the bachelorette.  We started the night off with dinner, drinks and gifts at 10-01 in Broadripple.
One of the cutest things I've ever seen, rather than a store bought picture frame for all attendees to sign their name, we all layered on the lip stick and gave a smooch to a plain mat decorated with stickers. I loved this idea!
Leaving 10-01, we split up into two teams for a bachelorette scavenger hunt. This was a great alternative to just standing (or dancing) around a bar. Each time was given the same list of objectives and an hour to complete the mission. All tasks required photo evidence, thank goodness for iphones!

After we all got back together we had a blast doing some dancing and drinking in honor of MT. Throughout the night we'd all joked how old we were getting, but I'm proud to say we made it out past 3am.  Of course, the next morning wasn't as fun as the night before...but thank God for MT's fiance, at your service! He rolled in the next morning with McDonald's breakfast, Sprite and Starbucks for all!
No wonder she's marrying him! Here's to you MT!



  1. Everything looks amazing, you did a great job :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your weekend in Indy!! My best girlfriends are all there and we do not get back there often enough. Looks like the party was a hit!

    1. Aw! That's a bummer. Indy is so much fun (as you know!)


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