Sunday, September 29, 2013

Six Months

This weekend marked six months since our rescue's Project Mercy mission of saving 23 bulldogs from a puppy mill. As I've mentioned prior, that makes Huey our longest running foster.

Fostering certainly isn't easy. Initially we had the work of teaching Huey (and Betty), basically how to be a dog. All they'd known was life in a kennel and being bred.  We taught them how to walk on a leash, how to climb stairs, gave them a name, how to answer to their name, how to eat out of a dog bowl.  We've given Huey a safe, warm, cozy, and loving environment.

Sometimes when he's laying next to me on the couch, with his hand in my lap, he looks up at me, so content, and it's almost as if he's saying "thank you". I look at him in my lap and wonder how anyone could ever so be cruel as to hurt an animal.
And, although we want him to find his forever home (and not with us), I do love him dearly. Sometimes when we share these moments on the couch, it makes me wonder about our own future. If I can feel the love, trust and gratitude from Huey, a dog, was is the connection going to feel like when it's not a dog but our own child I'm holding in my arms?

For the time being, we'll stick with bulldogs, but I eagerly await the future. <random thoughts>


  1. Oh my goodness I'd take him in a heartbeat if I was in the area!

  2. He is such a cutie. Hope he finds his forever home soon.


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