Monday, August 5, 2013

Farmers Market Finds: my weekend

I have just a handful (now two) Fridays off remaining in the summer. Last weekend worked out perfectly for a trip back home to spend time with my family and to see my friend, visiting from Texas, and meet her six week old daughter.
After running just her third half marathon in Duluth (all three of which she did in nine months), my mom decided she wanted to train for and run a full marathon.  Through her running group, she learned about a small trail-course marathon in Wisconsin in September and signed up. This last weekend she was scheduled for a 20-mile run. 
Not being in nearly good enough shape to run 20 miles, I joined her on the second half of her run for a solid 8.5 miles along the Mississippi River.  She's using the Jeff Galloway training method, which involves running for 5 minutes and walking for 1.  We downloaded an app on her phone and surprisingly, I adjusted well.  Towards the end of our run I was yearning to hear that walk buzzer!  The only downfall was that we were out for 1hr 45min and did 8.5 miles.  Typically I would do about 10.5 in that time period.  Regardless, it was a nice start to the weekend!
Friday I bopped around town for some errands, including a much needed cut and lowlights before meeting up with my girlfriends for dinner at the new Barrel House bar/restaurant in Moline.  The fish tacos, sub avocado for wasabi, were delicious.
I called it an early night because I had plans the next morning to go with my mom and grandma to the farmer's market.  My grandma has been doing extrememly well since my grandpa's passing in the spring.  One of the regular "dates" my mom and Grams have is attending the Freight House Farmers Market every Saturday morning. 
They have their plan down to a T.  First they stop over to get bread from the vendor that sells out and then hit up The Crepe Guy for one of two rotating crepe options (savory or sweet) before finishing their shopping. 
I love love love crepes, mainly sweet (as witnessed here), so it was a no brainer to choose the cherry cheesecake with fresh Door County cherries. Uh-mazing!

Chicago has dozens of farmer's markets, including the big Green City Market in Lincoln Park.  We've been a handful of times, but it's a pain to drive to and after buying sunflowers and attempting to bike home with them once, I've learned my lesson.

My mom has her handling down.  She fills up her basket every week before heading home.

Here are my purchases, which make me really excited for meal planning this week.  I'll be utilizing the goodies below and have two recipe posts that will come as a result.  I'm currently salivating just thinking about the bruschetta chicken we'll be eating tonight with fresh asiago foccia bread (bottom right).
Saturday afternoon held some quality time with the girls and the baby. I sent a few gifts from the registry for her shower, but after making onsies for my cousin's baby, I couldn't resist making a few more; especially given the cute Texas themed cut-outs!
Add in a few ruffle butt leggings, baby girl ornament (I love giving ornaments that have a significance as gifts), home made headband and Old Navy bulldog pajamas (E and M have worn these since I bet them and now seven years later as "big kids"; still do), and I consider it a nice gift basket.
As cute as baby clothes are, nothing can compare to the baby.  My friend is working on building her photography portfolio so I asked if she'd mind for me to jump in and snag a few pics.  How precious is she?!
Saturday night was dinner with the fam at our go-to restaurant, Cafe Indigo, which we also at lunch at, before more friend and baby time.

I wrapped up the trip with homemade brunch with my family on my parents gorgeous patio before snagging a few peaches from their peach tree and hitting the road. After three weekends away, while fun, I'm looking forward to sticking around Chicago these last couple weekends of summer.

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